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After gathering about 20 years of experience in Information Technologie (I.T.), Telecommunication & Satellite Communication, built at some of the most important players in the market (like Telenet, Proximus, Ericsson, Marlink, Airbus Defence & Space, ...), it was time for the founder, Mario ALEN, to start a new challenge.


As at least 50% of the service providers in the maritime satcom industry admit to have lack of resources and because service scheduling in the maritime industry are a real challenge, he decided to offer the service providers, manufacturers of maritime VSAT & TVRO solutions a flexible solution to fill up their needs of resources.


Shipping companies and fleet owners in the maritime & offshore industry can also buy/lease their VSAT and/or TVRO solution directly, we can integrate telephony systems, ships networks, or extend it with the Setel Powerline and implement a new IP-network in hours without pulling cables. Use it for extending the connectivity onboard for your ECDIS, Crew WIFI, CCTV, Remote Medical Assistance and many more.


Since the launch in March 2015, Belgosat became a trusted service & support partner of Intellian Technologies, the global leader in maritime satellite communication antenna technology. This well established company has an international reputation for bringing patented innovation in the VSAT and TVRO market.


In July 2015 an extra engineer joined Belgosat BVBA to handle the workload. In January 2016 another one, as more and more service providers like DH-Intercom (DE), WINS Systems (MLT), SatPoint (SE) and other important players in maritime satellite communication were already happy to be able to use our services and resources in order to satisfy their customers worldwide.


We mostly operate in the ARA area (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam), but are active all over the world. With the ports of Belgium, the Netherlands, North of France & Germany easily reachable by car and the airports of BRU (Brussels), AMS (Amsterdam) & CDG (Paris) closeby we can provide assistance anywhere in the world on short notice.


Next to the maritime market, Belgosat also offers the same services & solutions for corporate landbased communication. As a Telenet Business Expert for Data, Voice (fixed and mobile) & Television solutions we can offer professionals, corporates and larger industries in Belgium the fastest internet via terrestrial connectivity over coaxial or fiber.


As a Panasonic Business Expert we can offer you the complete range of products and services of the Panasonic Business Communication Solutions and of the Panasonic Security Solutions.


As a certified engineer of Peplink you can rely on our skills to have your mobile router, SD-WAN, VPN, Media Gateway, WIFI or any other network device configured the way it should be.


Since September 2016 we are a certified reseller and installation partner of Setel Powerline, a simple 3-piece solution to transport your IP-network over the copper wires of your electrical installation, which enables you to roll-out a WIFI-network onboard vessels and industrial environments in hours instead of days.


Wether you are looking for Voice-Over-IP (VOIP), IP-connectivity, Mobile 3G/4G or WIFI, DECT, CCTV, IPTV or Radiocommunication: Belgosat has the solution to fit your needs.

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